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EPA Acknowledges Herbicides Harm Wildlife

This article is republished with permission from the site, Conservation Sense and Nonsense. It points out that the Environmental Protection Agency has finally acknowledged what environmentalists have recognized (and nativists denied) – that herbicides are harmful to wildlife. They are … Continue reading

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A Bald Eagle Makes a Rare Visit to San Francisco

This website usually focuses on threats to our parks, trees, and nature from tree destruction and pesticides. But sometimes, we just want to celebrate the nature and the wonderful life we see in our amazing city. From whales in the … Continue reading

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Signs of Annoyance – Natural Areas Program

Recently, the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD) spent an estimated half-million dollars on signage, most of which listed various Don’ts (though ironically, they start with “San Francisco Recreation & Parks Welcomes You”). All our parks and open spaces … Continue reading

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Woodpecker Diversity in San Francisco

Wildlife photographer Janet Kessler shared these photographs of an acorn woodpecker in Glen Canyon in late August, 2014 (and they’re copyright to her). It was a great capture, though she wasn’t thrilled with the quality. “They were taken under bad … Continue reading

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Don’t Cut Trees in the Nesting Season!

This year, the issue of tree-trimming or cutting during the nesting season was highlighted by the sad destruction of black-crowned night herons’ nests when the Oakland Post Office decided to get its trees trimmed. Five young herons were injured, others … Continue reading

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Bees in Glen Canyon – Update

 We’ve reported here before about the bee tree that was cut down as part of the “improvements” to Glen Canyon Park – and the one that was killed by mistake when someone thought it was a nest of yellow-jackets, not … Continue reading

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McLaren Park: Stairways, Wildflowers, and Great Blue Heron

This is another of our Park Visitor series: First-person accounts of visits to our San Francisco parks. This is by Tony Holiday, a San Francisco hiker and blogger. It’s adapted from his blog, Stairways are Heaven and published with permission. … Continue reading

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Good News on Rat Poison in California

As our readers will know, we’ve been concerned about the use of second-generation rat poisons that cause death by slow internal bleeding. The poisoned mice and rats are likely to be captured and eaten by other animals – owls, coyotes, … Continue reading

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How Children Draw ‘Save the Eucalyptus Trees’

Someone sent us these amazing ‘Save the Eucalyptus’ posters, produced by the children in political artist and printmaker Doug Minkler’s art class. They’re used with permission. [Edited to add the artists’ names.] (If your kids are drawing pictures of San Francisco’s … Continue reading

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Rat Poison Killed the Glen Canyon Owl

We’ve just heard back about the results of the necropsy on the barn owl found dead in near Glen Canyon. As suspected, it died of consuming rodents poisoned with rat poison.  This is the letter we received. Edited to Add: … Continue reading

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Rehabilitated Owl Returned to Glen Canyon

It’s so wonderful to be able to post good news about Glen Canyon and its fauna. Wildlife photographer Janet Kessler recently sent around this item about a one-eyed owl that has been released in the Canyon after rehabilitation. This post … Continue reading

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Glen Canyon Coyote by Tony Holiday

 As many park visitors know, it’s sometimes possible to see coyotes in our parks. Tony Holiday, a San Francisco hiker and blogger,  was one of the lucky ones on this hike through Glen Canyon. (Go to his blog, Stairways are … Continue reading

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Coyote Pups, Our Pets, and Us – Getting Along

As frequent visitors to our urban wildlands and parks probably know already, coyotes are part of our city’s wildlife. They travel over considerable distances alone or in family groups, so you could actually see them anywhere (though wildlands where they … Continue reading

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