Over 1700 Signatures to the Mayor!

Fairytale forest on Mt Davidson

Our supporters will recall that last year, we ran an online signature campaign specifically addressed to Mayor Lee, asking him to:

Stop NAP from destroying trees and thickets, spraying dangerous herbicides, disrupting healthy ecosystems that support hundreds of species, and restricting access to our city parks.

twin peaks - jan 2015 - imazapyr and garlon for poison oak cotoneaster oxalis

Stalker and Garlon on Twin Peaks – Jan 2015

NAP is the Natural Areas Program under San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.  It is essentially a “native plant program.” It prioritizes native plant introduction (using the dog-whistle term “biodiversity”) over other values, whether environmental, ecosystem services, or recreational.

We had learned the Mayor’s office would respond to petitions directed to him via Change.org. That petition got over 1700 signatures, and is now closed.

However, our ongoing petition continues, and if you have not signed it, please do? (It currently has 1500 signatures as people shifted their focus to the newer petition.)

Stop NAP buttonWe need to keep sending the message that people want public parks preserved for the public, with trees, trails and no toxins.

Please Sign a New Petition?

New life in a park tree

New life in a park tree

San Francisco Forest Alliance has a new petition up to ask the Mayor to rein in the Natural Areas Program, and stop them from cutting down healthy trees, ripping out understory habitat, using growing amounts of pesticides, and restricting public access.

Wait, isn’t that what our existing petition does?

Polaris Herbicide warning signYes. But from an October 2013 SF Chronicle article, we learned that Mayor Lee has undertaken to respond to petitions provided in a specific format on provider Change.org, once they cross a certain number of signatures. So we think this is a more direct way to approach him. (Our other petition continues live.)

So we’re asking you to please sign this new petition in support of all our wilder parks, and to preserve our access to them. And please pass it on.


Mayor Lee Stop NAP

We especially request San Francisco residents to sign this! But we’re a world class city, and depend on people from everywhere. So we think this issue affects people from all of the Bay Area, or beyond.