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Refuting Jake Sigg: No, 90% of Insects Do Not Eat Only Native Plants

Jake Sigg, considered the doyen of San Francisco’s native plant activists, has an influential newsletter. Recently, it said: “Did you know that 90 percent of insects can only eat the native plant species with which they’ve co-evolved?” It included a … Continue reading

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Drought-Adapted Eucalyptus NOT Dying by the Thousand

This is a recent post from SutroForest.com, republished with permission and minor edits. We think it is important because the allegation that tens of thousands of eucalyptus trees are dying can be used as an excuse for forest destruction. Jake … Continue reading

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Land Grab by NAP – Expanding Mazanita “Designated” Area

Recently, the television station KPIX ran a story about the Franciscan manzanita. US Fish and Wildlife, threatened by a lawsuit, designated this plant as an endangered species.  It’s now in the process of designating critical habitat for it. This critical … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Jake Sigg: Transparency

[Note: This article is slightly modified from one that originally appeared at SutroForest.com.] This is an open letter to Jake Sigg who has wrongly criticized the San Francisco Forest Alliance and Save Sutro Forest. We invite Mr. Sigg – doyen … Continue reading

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