West Portal Monthly: Neighbors Mobilize to Save Mt Davidson from the Axe

West Portal Monthly ran Jacquie Proctor’s article about the San Francisco Forest Alliance’s petition on its front page. Headlined “Neighbors Mobilize to Save Mt Davidson from the Axe,” the article explained how the petition drive is planned to end with signatures being submitted to the city on Arbor Day –  April 27th.  Unfortunately, the paper isn’t online, so we can’t link to it. (If you want to see the article below larger, click on it, then click again on the image that comes up.)

If you haven’t signed the petition already, and would like to do so, here’s the button:

West Portal Monthly: Clearcut Case of Overkill at Mt Davidson Park

The West Portal Monthly today published an article by Jacquie Proctor explaining the problem of the NAP specifically at Mt Davidson and generally throughout the city.  The plan seeks to destroy at least 1600 trees on Mt Davidson alone. Read on:

Watch this Video: SF RPD’s Plan for Mt Davidson Isn’t Pretty

Sometimes, you need to walk it to really understand it. In this short video, Jacquie Proctor does just that on Mount Davidson… she’ll show you some of the actual trees that are going to be cut unless we stop them.

If you’ve never been to Mount Davidson – it’s one of the most beautiful remaining forests in San Francisco. We just happened on this lovely video clip of a young woman dancing around in the forest. We thought it really captured what it’s like there on a misty summer day.

Credit: Lori D’Ambrosio/photographer and artist