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Native Coyote and Non-Native Kangaroo Apples

In these times of so much bad news, we republish here a delightful post from the CoyoteYipps blog of wildlife photographer and coyote advocate Janet Kessler (with permission). KANGAROO APPLE OR POROPORO I watched a coyote forage in one of … Continue reading

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Bats About Glen Canyon Park

Bats are insect-eating machines. According to the USGS, “Bats normally eat about half their weight in flying insects each night.”  So even for those who don’t find these night-flying mammals charming, it’s good to know there are bats among us. … Continue reading

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Red Shouldered Hawk in a Natural Area

Hawks need tall trees for roosting, watching, and nesting. This one is watching from a non-native cypress tree. (Photo credit: Janet Kessler)

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Glen Canyon Park and the Circle of Life

This is another of our “park visitor” series – first person accounts of our parks, published with permission. It was the first sunny day in a while, and I climbed down into Glen Canyon from the Safeway parking lot, past … Continue reading

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Fire at McLaren Park: Letter from a Park-Lover

We received this letter from a frequent visitor to McLaren Park. It’s published here with permission and minor edits. I was at McLaren a few days ago and the seasonally dry, “Natural Areas” grassland south of Mansell is burnt. I … Continue reading

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“Milestone” Pesticide in Glen Canyon (and Why New York Prohibits It)

This article is being reproduced, with permission and minor changes, from Death of a Million Trees.  “Milestone” (Aminopyralid) is one of the “Fearsome Four” pesticides the Natural Areas Program uses. [Click HERE for an article on the “Fearsome Four” major … Continue reading

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Natural Areas Plan: SFFA comments on the DEIR (Pt 3: Wildlife)

One of the reasons we oppose the Natural Areas Program is that it’s harmful to the birds and animals of this city. They destroy habitat — the trees and thickets that serve as cover and breeding grounds, exposing song-birds to … Continue reading

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