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Trees Targeted for Destruction In Golden Gate Park

One would think that in these times of climate change and San Francisco’s small and shrinking tree canopy, every effort would be made to save the trees we already have. San Francisco  already has only a 13.7% tree canopy cover, … Continue reading

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San Francisco Cutting Down its Ancient Trees – Lake Merced

Though San Francisco’s tree cover is inadequate by the standards of any major city, it is fortunate to have a lot of old trees – many of them over 100 years old. Unfortunately, instead of treasuring these trees – it’s … Continue reading

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Dead trees: the life of the forest

Throughout the city and the whole San Francisco Bay area, urban and suburban forests are being destroyed. The Natural Resource Area Management Plan targets 18,000 trees in San Francisco and Pacifica. In the East Bay, more than 50,000 trees may … Continue reading

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Sutro Forest Tree Destruction Started

In 2017, UCSF introduced a Plan that reduces the UCSF forest area by one-third, removes around 6,000 trees (new estimate!) and all the understory/ midstory shrubs. This  has started. The article below is republished with permission and minor changes from SaveSutro.com, … Continue reading

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Native Plant “Restorations” Continue to Use Toxic Herbicides

We have long opposed the use of toxic pesticides in our parks and watersheds. The article below, published in Death of a Million Trees, illustrates some of the issues. It’s republished here with permission and minor changes.   DIGGING IN: … Continue reading

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What Happened at the Montara Walk with Jacquie Speier – Trees at Rancho Corral De Tierra

Recently, we announced the news that a public walk had been planned for Oct 30, 2017 to discuss the sudden and deplorable destruction of trees at Montara’s Rancho Corral de Tierra. (We reported on that here: National Park Trees meet … Continue reading

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If You’re a Sierra Club Member…Important 2016 Election

If you’re a Sierra Club member, you’ve probably received a message asking you to vote for the Board of the Sierra Club in the 2016 elections before April 27th 2016.  There are 8 candidates for 5 positions: see them HERE. … Continue reading

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Fighting The NAP Nativist Agenda

Once in a while, we want to affirm the values that San Francisco Forest Alliance stands for. We’re a grass-roots organization of people who love nature and the environment, pay taxes responsibly, and want access to our parks and wild … Continue reading

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California Invasive Plant Council‏: Remove Blue Gum Eucalyptus from the List of Invasive Plants

This is a guest post, republished from Death of a Million Trees:  2013 Progress Report | Death of a Million Trees 2013 PROGRESS REPORT from ‘Death of a Million Trees‘ As we approach the end of the year, let’s review … Continue reading

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Glen Canyon Park: Nine Months after Tree Destruction

Video update to the Glen Canyon Park tree demolition project San Francisco’s Wreck and Park Department is now calling this “The Glen Canyon Playground and Tennis Court Project“.  This is only a continuation of the mis-information that have been provided … Continue reading

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Endangered Manzanita – Reopened Comments until July 29, 2013

US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has reopened the comment period  for its designation of “critical habitat” for an endangered manzanita. [You can find the Notification HERE] This designation will likely mean significant access restrictions and possibly other unfortunate effects … Continue reading

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Bats About Glen Canyon Park

Bats are insect-eating machines. According to the USGS, “Bats normally eat about half their weight in flying insects each night.”  So even for those who don’t find these night-flying mammals charming, it’s good to know there are bats among us. … Continue reading

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Natural Areas Program – Under the Radar with the 2008 Bond in Glen Canyon

We’ve said before that we’re concerned the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD) is using capital projects in our parks to start implementing the Natural Areas Program (NAP) even ahead of the completion of the Environmental Impact Review. Most … Continue reading

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Countdown Starts for Glen Canyon Trees

We’ve been writing here about the trees in Glen Canyon scheduled for destruction – a total of over 400 eventually. Well, the countdown has started. A whole bunch of trees have been posted for removal. The comment period is until … Continue reading

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Natural Areas Plan: SFFA comments on the DEIR (Pt 3: Wildlife)

One of the reasons we oppose the Natural Areas Program is that it’s harmful to the birds and animals of this city. They destroy habitat — the trees and thickets that serve as cover and breeding grounds, exposing song-birds to … Continue reading

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Writing Cal Fish & Game about Glen Canyon’s Breeding Season

As readers may know, we have been concerned about the aggressive bush and tree work at Glen Canyon, during the spring breeding season for birds and animals. (Relevant material: Glen Canyon Park – Chainsaws in the Nesting Season  also,  NAP … Continue reading

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