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My Hummingbird Adventure, by Laurel Rose

This article is reposted with permission from CoyoteYipps, a blog about San Francisco’s urban coyotes. We republish it here as an interesting story – and a lesson in how difficult it is to see a bird’s nest even if you … Continue reading

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Woodpecker Diversity in San Francisco

Wildlife photographer Janet Kessler shared these photographs of an acorn woodpecker in Glen Canyon in late August, 2014 (and they’re copyright to her). It was a great capture, though she wasn’t thrilled with the quality. “They were taken under bad … Continue reading

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Don’t Cut Trees in the Nesting Season!

This year, the issue of tree-trimming or cutting during the nesting season was highlighted by the sad destruction of black-crowned night herons’ nests when the Oakland Post Office decided to get its trees trimmed. Five young herons were injured, others … Continue reading

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Eucalyptus Tree Hosts a Flicker Family

Note: All these photographs are by wild-life photographer Janet Kessler. In San Francisco’s Presidio, there’s an old, rather dilapidated eucalyptus tree. The main trunk is broken off  and ragged shafts stick in the air. Though it’s still alive, you might … Continue reading

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Birds, Bees, and “Natural Areas”

One of the concerns we have with the way our wild lands are being managed is the disrespect for habitat. Many of those who support these actions – felling ‘non-native’ eucalyptus trees, removal of trees that are dead or dying … Continue reading

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Natural Areas Plan: SFFA comments on the DEIR (Pt 3: Wildlife)

One of the reasons we oppose the Natural Areas Program is that it’s harmful to the birds and animals of this city. They destroy habitat — the trees and thickets that serve as cover and breeding grounds, exposing song-birds to … Continue reading

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It’s Still the Breeding Season!

San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD) thinks the breeding season for birds is December to May. That’s according to an application the SF Rec and Park Department made to California Fish and Game (in the context of a streambed … Continue reading

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