Political Action

The only way to stop this destructive program is for the City to recognize that most people oppose it.  Here are six things  you can do to take action:

  • Write or email us, help build our “critical mass” of supporters. Tell us what you think, give us your ideas. Our email is SFForestNews at gmail.com
  • Spread the word!  Encourage your friends and neighbors to sign our petition online or on paper. You can download the petition here.  (It’s a PDF file that you can print out. Mail completed forms to: SFFA, P.O.Box 460668, SF, CA 94146).  Download flyers and posters here for printing or forwarding.
  • Sign our online petition by clicking on the STOP NAP button on the right (if you haven’t done so already).
  • Stay informed by subscribing to this site  (click on the button under Keep Me Informed, top right).


Some points you may wish to draw on:

  • Don’t cut down healthy trees. Entire sections of the forest are to be razed, particularly on Mount Davidson.
  • Retain the wilderness and wildlife habitat that already exists.  Our parks are habitat for songbirds, owls, many hawks, coyotes, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, bats, Monarch butterflies, honeybees and others. These animals and birds use the trees and forests, including pine, cypress and eucalyptus, and the thickets beneath as habitat.
  • No Tier I or Tier II pesticides in Natural Areas. NAP continually uses Tier I and Tier II herbicides, the most toxic ones the City permits on its land. Though supporters suggest use is infrequent, the city’s own records indicate pesticides were used 96 times in the ironically-named “Natural Areas”  in 2012.
  • Retain access for park users. With 10 miles of trails being closed or relocated, and requirements not to wander or explore off-trail, NAP wants to close usable park areas and create museum gardens that can only be looked at. They want to recreate vegetation that might have existed here in 1776.
  • The money wasted on this project could be used more beneficially elsewhere.


Speaking at neighborhood groups. We have made a number of presentations at various neighborhood associations to help inform them and their members about the Natural Areas Program.

Meeting with decision-makers. We have attended numerous meetings and spoken to decision-makers within the City and SFRPD, and stand willing to discuss the issues with anyone who is interested.

Writing to Mayor Lee and the Board of Supervisors. We have submitted the signatures gathered as of 15 May 2012 and 24 May 2012 to the Supervisors and Mayor Lee respectively. [CLICK HERE for the details.] The petition remains alive and continues to get signatures. We will submit the signatures again.