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Good news: Tree Felling Plan in Napa Stops

In recent weeks, we heard of another project to cut down eucalyptus trees, despite the negative impact on climate change, wildlife, and neighborhoods. And today, we were pleased to learn that it had been reversed! Someone wrote to us to … Continue reading

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More Trees Being Cut Down in Sutro Forest

This article has been republished from with permission and updates. “Can you tell me what’s happening on the north side of the forest? I’ve been watching them cut down a swath from a lunchroom at UCSF the last few … Continue reading

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EPA Acknowledges Herbicides Harm Wildlife

This article is republished with permission from the site, Conservation Sense and Nonsense. It points out that the Environmental Protection Agency has finally acknowledged what environmentalists have recognized (and nativists denied) – that herbicides are harmful to wildlife. They are … Continue reading

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Nesting in the Eucalyptus

Of course it’s no surprise to any of our readers that eucalyptus stands are an excellent resource for nesting birds. A colony of double-crested cormorants nests (or did nest) near Lake Merced; great horned owls nest in eucalyptus trees in … Continue reading

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Respect the Nest – Wildcare Thinks of Baby Animals and Birds

Recently, Wildcare – a wild animal rehab organization – published a warning. It’s nesting season and they ask everyone to RESPECT the NEST. It’s republished here with permission. Respect the Nest by Michael Schwab With the help of nationally-acclaimed artist … Continue reading

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Native Coyote and Non-Native Kangaroo Apples

In these times of so much bad news, we republish here a delightful post from the CoyoteYipps blog of wildlife photographer and coyote advocate Janet Kessler (with permission). KANGAROO APPLE OR POROPORO I watched a coyote forage in one of … Continue reading

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A Bald Eagle Makes a Rare Visit to San Francisco

This website usually focuses on threats to our parks, trees, and nature from tree destruction and pesticides. But sometimes, we just want to celebrate the nature and the wonderful life we see in our amazing city. From whales in the … Continue reading

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“Seasons”: Our Glorious Forests Are Waning, Review by Janet Kessler

Recently, SFForest was invited to preview a new movie, Seasons. It’s a beautiful depiction of the transition of a forested world to one dominated by humans and their works. We think it would interest those of our readers who love … Continue reading

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Barn Owls in Glen Canyon

Did you know that Glen Canyon has Barn Owls (Tyto Alba) as well as our famous Great Horned Owls?!  Barn owls are much smaller than the cat-sized Great Horned Owls, weighing just over a pound and reaching about a foot … Continue reading

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