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Pesticide Use Up in San Francisco Parks, Natural Areas – 2019

In 2019, SFRPD applied herbicides 243 times, the most since 2013. Of these, 144 applications were in “Natural Areas” (this includes PUC areas managed in the same way – i.e. use of toxic herbicides against plants they dislike). Though the … Continue reading

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Answering the Smithsonian – The Flawed Logic of Native Plant Activism

In its April 2020 issue, the Smithsonian Magazine published an interview with Doug Tallamy, considered one of the fathers – or at least popularizers – of nativism. They asked Art Shapiro, who represents a broader view of the ecological role … Continue reading

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San Francisco Cutting Down its Ancient Trees – Sutro Forest/ Clarendon

This article is republished from, with permission. Sutro Forest extended along Christopher to Clarendon Avenue. The section at Christopher and Clarendon was decimated for the rebuilding of the pump station in 2009, possibly poisoned in 2013… and in 2019, … Continue reading

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San Francisco Forest Alliance is a 501(c)4 organization with a message of inclusive environmentalism. From 2011, we have been fighting to Eliminate toxic herbicides (including Roundup/Glyphosate) in our parks and watersheds, Preserve trees from unnecessary destruction, Preserve public access to … Continue reading

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Refuting Jake Sigg: No, 90% of Insects Do Not Eat Only Native Plants

Jake Sigg, considered the doyen of San Francisco’s native plant activists, has an influential newsletter. Recently, it said: “Did you know that 90 percent of insects can only eat the native plant species with which they’ve co-evolved?” It included a … Continue reading

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Dead trees: the life of the forest

Throughout the city and the whole San Francisco Bay area, urban and suburban forests are being destroyed. The Natural Resource Area Management Plan targets 18,000 trees in San Francisco and Pacifica. In the East Bay, more than 50,000 trees may … Continue reading

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Sutro Forest Tree Destruction Started

In 2017, UCSF introduced a Plan that reduces the UCSF forest area by one-third, removes around 6,000 trees (new estimate!) and all the understory/ midstory shrubs. This  has started. The article below is republished with permission and minor changes from, … Continue reading

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