President:  Matthew Steen

Vice-President: Rupa Bose


Matthew Steen
Anastasia Glikshtern
Eric Brooks
Robin Sherrer
Tom Borden

3 Responses to Officers

  1. Ken Besser says:

    Hello SFFA.

    I am very concerned about the proposal to clear-cut Mt Davidson. What can I do to help?
    Webmaster: Please click on our home page to see several things you can do to help: (1) sign our petition to Mayor Ed Lee; (2) print a copy of our petition and circuluate it amongst your friends; and (3) subscribe to our website so that we can alert you to other opportunities to express your opinion to those who are responsible for the Natural Areas Program.

  2. Allegra says:

    How many of you are Registered Professional Foresters in the state of California or have a degree resembling forestry, arboriculture, or botany?

    Webmaster: We have a certified arborist on our team.

  3. Jane Shepard says:

    Mr. Shepard’s name is misspelled. Too many “h”s.

    [Webmaster: Oops. Sorry. We also need to update that page; Mr Shepard actually stepped down after a valuable contribution to the organization when it was new.]

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