Good news: Tree Felling Plan in Napa Stops

In recent weeks, we heard of another project to cut down eucalyptus trees, despite the negative impact on climate change, wildlife, and neighborhoods. And today, we were pleased to learn that it had been reversed!

Someone wrote to us to say “… on the river in Napa where a lot of eucalyptus trees that have been here some over 50 years are scheduled to all be cut down. These trees are homes to owls, ravens, night herons, egrets and more.  Can you please help us to save the trees and wildlife that will be displaced?

We wrote back to describe our experience. Perhaps it was helpful, perhaps there were other reasons for the project being stopped. But today we were really happy to get this letter:

“Great News from the CDFW -they have decided to halt the assault on our trees along the Napa River on Milton Road!  I wanted to thank you for your support and suggestions and if I can help your organization, please let me know.

This will be good both for the human neighbors, and the local wildlife.

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