Still More Trees Cut Down in Sutro Forest – March 2022

The article below is essentially a sequel to the previous one. More Trees Being Cut Down in Sutro Forest  and is also republished with permission from


As readers of this site will know, a lot of trees are being felled in the portion of the forest closest to the hospital. One forest-lover wrote to us about it. That part is HERE.

A few days later, they wrote “The hillside now looks like an Oregon clearcut. I didn’t have a chance to take a pic today but at this point it’s like morbidly photographing a corpse at a funeral.


Here’s some photographs of the area from 2013, (from Tony Holiday’s blog, Stairways are Heaven,  and used with permission). The dense woods at the top right of the picture is what’s being felled now.


And here’s what’s happening now.

This is the staircase, from below – without its forest.

The chosen area for destruction is adjacent to the Parnassus campus and near the hospital that is to be substantially rebuilt and expanded. It’s an ugly thing to watch.

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