Pesticides in our Parks – Bernal Hill

The Natural Areas program (now called the Natural Resources Department) regularly uses herbicides in many of our parks. We’ve published pictures before of Glen Canyon and Mt Davidson.

This time, it’s Bernal Hill.

This hill apparently needs herbicides.

So they’re putting Polaris – that’s imazapyr – on the blackberry and cotoneaster.

It takes a five-person team.

[Edited to Add this section about the famous Bernal Hill Blackberry Patch.]


Hope they don’t take out the famous Bernal blackberry patch that’s brought so much joy to families.

It’s a thing, and has been for years. Here’s a 2008 article called Bernal Hill Blackberry Bonanza.  And here’s a quote from a 2009 article in the SF Chronicle, indentifying hidden treasures in San Francisco: ‘Bernal Hill Blackberry Patch. “The locals might hate us for sharing this, but there is a huge wild blackberry patch on the north side of Bernal Hill where we forage pounds and pounds of berries every summer for jam-making. So delicious.”‘ And the Bernalwood blog hailed the start of the blackberry season in 2012 in It’s Official: Blackberry Season Under Way in Bernal Heights

SFRPD – people love blackberries, and Bernal has the best crop in the city!

San Francisco Forest Alliance stands for no pesticides in our parks. We also hope that SFRPD will respect public resources that people love.


2 Responses to Pesticides in our Parks – Bernal Hill

  1. Tony Holiday says:

    Can you post this on Facebook so you (or I) can share with Bernalwood. Maybe some of their readers will read and protest. This is a beloved dog walking area, AND there is a resident coyote who lives here. Thanks. I have seen such signs elsewhere, of course, Billy Goat Hill for one. Lots of people love Bernal Heights Park …

    [SFForest: Will do. Check our FB page! It’s at ]

  2. Tony Holiday says:

    I tried to post this info to the FB Bernalwood page but unable to share the original post on their site. There was no share option on FB for sharing it with them. Tried twice to post what I could of it and it did not show up either. They may be monitoring it before they post it, if they do post it at all. Assumed that if they had a FB page they would have a “Share” option.

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