Glyphosate in Glen Canyon

There’s increasing evidence that glyphosate – the herbicide Monsanto sells under the names Roundup and Aquamaster – is dangerous to human health, doesn’t degrade in the soil as the company claims, and is a dangerous probable carcinogen. Since SF Department of the Environment changed its classification from Tier II (More hazardous) to Tier I (Most hazardous), SF Rec and Parks has nearly stopped using it. Except in “Natural Areas.”

Recently, one of our supporters sent us these pictures:

It warned they would use Aquamaster (glyphosate) and Milestone (an astonishingly persistent herbicide) on the hillside above Islais Creek.


SF RPD should stop all use of Tier I chemicals. (Currently, the Natural Resouces Division uses Garlon and Roundup that are Tier I. ) The benefits are not worth the risk – to the public, their pets, and the people who apply herbicides.

We call on SF Rec and Park to stop using herbicides in our parks.


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4 Responses to Glyphosate in Glen Canyon

  1. M Singer says:

    More outrageous abuse of common sense….by the cult of “natural areas’
    What is natural about cancer-ogenic poisons?

  2. lu carpenter says:

    Who are the actual people perpetrating this sell-out to the chemical companies and putting us all at risk? It’s criminal, given what we NOW know about these chemical pesticides.

  3. ellen holmes says:

    Absolutely, they should stop using herbicides in our parks! I’d much rather see a few weeds if that is the choice.

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