Neighbor Activists on Mt Davidson

We received this report from  FRIENDS OF MOUNT DAVIDSON, neighborhood activists who staged some outreach on Easter Sunday morning at Mt Davidson


We gave out more than 100 flyers to visitors before and after the service, at the two most heavily trafficked trail entrances and at the top. Spoke to many, at least briefly. Our group did an awesome job with the yellow ribbons and signs at many spots, along the trails, and around the top plateau. Big visual impact.

That had a lot of people hungry for more information and answers, so the handouts then gave them some details. Most were supportive, confused, or surprised, a few were dismissive or claimed it to be untrue. Some signs had been torn down in the less trafficked areas even after we had monitored and replaced several, but most of the ribbons at the top and on the main trail road thankfully survived the morning.

Tree with Yellow ribbon on Mt Davidson – Easter, 2017. Photo credit Pavel Fedorov (

We went around and removed the ribbons and signs on a nearly all the trees after people had left, to clean up. Decided to keep a few of the prominent ones that were perfectly intact in the main areas, to last the day and inform more visitors. We were there by 6:30am and home by 9:30am, just as the rain started.

Please send an individual email message directly to Phil Ginsburg, Ed Lee, and your Supervisor as the flyer asks, to say how shocked you are as a citizen by this tree removal plan. Emails to:;;

[You can see the flyers here: EasterMtD4.17 and here: MT DAVIDSON4.15.17 ]

Tree on Mt Davidson – photo credit Pavel Fedorov (


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2 Responses to Neighbor Activists on Mt Davidson

  1. arianeeroy says:

    Jesus was one of the greatest of all activists–preaching love, non-violence, and radical acceptance. (Whatever one believes, his life has transformed everything that followed.)

    To those few conservationists who took the time to remind the rest of us about the sanctity of all of Nature on this misty Easter morning, I say thank you!

    Such activists challenge all of us to recognize the enormity of this time.

    For we live in a time when all life is threatened by human recklessness and greed. As such, our most important endeavours today and tomorrow must be those that promote life, love, and peace. And by celebrating the life of these wise and silent Eucalyptus trees, one is reminded that in the breadth of the forest, one can experience All-That-Is.

  2. milliontrees says:

    That was an impressive and inspiring effort. [Friends of Mt Davidson] are to be commended. Official public policy decisions were made, despite your remarkable efforts to inform policy makers of the public’s overwhelming opposition to the plans. But you have apparently not given up. Your expression of opposition was tasteful and entirely appropriate to the occasion.

    And in these days of horrendous public policy decisions, that’s what is required of us. We joined the Tax March on Saturday and will march again next Saturday in the Science March. We must continue to resist what we cannot accept.

    [SF Forest: Thanks for the support. The Friends of Mt Davidson are indeed inspiring. They have not given up, nor has SF Forest Alliance. We will continue our fight for Nature, not against it.]

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