“It is essentially certain that glyphosate causes cancer”

glen canyon glyphosate June 2016 - Shrubs encroaching on grassland video

Applying Glyphosate in Glen Canyon

Marion Copley was a scientist at the Environmental Protection Agency. She died of cancer in January 2014. Before she died, she sent the letter below to her former boss Jess Rowland, saying “It is essentially certain that glyphosate causes cancer.”

Now,  a lawsuit by people with cancer or who lost loved ones to cancer, asks to depose Mr. Rowland. They allege that Monsanto has influenced the EPA through its ties to people there. (The Huffington Post report on that is HERE: Questions about EPA-Monsanto collusion raised in cancer lawsuits )


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  1. tstar says:

    Corporations don’t seem concerned about what their products do to humans, so long as they make money – and don’t get caught knowingly distributing carcinogens.

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