San Francisco Forest Alliance Appeals to Board of Supervisors

Our supporters are aware that we intended to file an appeal when the Planning Commission certified the deeply-flawed Environmental Impact Report on the “Significant Natural Resource Areas Management Plan.”

Here’s our letter:

sffa-appeal-letter-pg-1 sffa-appeal-letter-p-2(Then it continues into details of the failings of the EIR and the mitigations required.)

[Edited to Add the details!

Here is the final (amended) appeal letter: sf-forest-alliance-primary-appeal-document

Here are the detailed, information-packed, appendices to our letter.

Table relating the issues to the appendices: appendicesrelation-to-sffa-appeal-of-eir

Appendix A:  Greenhouse Gas calculations from The Quercus Group, an expert consultant: appendix-a-quercus-group-snramp-eir-comments

Appendix A1: Greenhouse Gas calculations from Heart of Green: appendix-a-1-heartofgreen_technical-memo

Appendix B:  ESA study: appendix-b-esa-sequestration-study-of-greenhouse-gases-for-snramp

Appendix C: Cal EEE Mod calculation: appendix-c-caleemod-user-manual-calculation-details

Appendix D1: SNRAMP Tree removal maps: appendix-d1-snramp-tree-removal-maps-mclaren-1

Appendix D2: SNRAMP Tree removal maps: appendix-d2-snramp-tree-removal-maps-other

Appendix E (though labeled D): Forest photos showing regeneration: appendix-e-forest-photos-1

Appendix F: Trail closure maps: appendix-f-trail-closure-maps

Appendix G: Bicycle Policy: appendix-g-rpd-bicycle-policy

Appendix H: Access control fencing: appendix-h-access-control-fence-photos-1







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2 Responses to San Francisco Forest Alliance Appeals to Board of Supervisors

  1. Travis VanBrasch says:

    Excellent work. Thank you for your tireless efforts to protect our existing tree canopy.

    If this CEQA approach does not yield the relief sought, perhaps it will be time to sue the City?

  2. says:

    Thank you for letting me know. Happy to help as we have another date to make people aware of.

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