Vote for Joel Engardio & John Farrell for District 7 Supervisor

Mt Davidson forest

Mt Davidson forest

The San Francisco Forest Alliance is pleased to endorse two candidates in the upcoming election for District 7 Supervisor.

We are especially grateful to Joel Engardio for his long standing support for keeping the Natural Areas Program from destroying our beautiful parks. Joel made it an election issue for District 7 in 2012 with this video (No Trees For Weary Owls In San Francisco?!) and we are, therefore, supporting him again in 2016 as our #1 choice vote recommendation.

Recently John Farrell has also expressed strong support for our position (Why Cut Down Healthy Trees ?) and so we urge you to vote for him as your #2 choice in your rank choice voting.

Joel and John have very similar stands on many issues and so we hope they will campaign together to ensure that we have a supervisor elected in District 7 that will preserve our park forests and access for recreation.

Links to the candidates website:

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1 Response to Vote for Joel Engardio & John Farrell for District 7 Supervisor

  1. Morley Singer says:

    The Natural Areas Program is a POX on our city. An arrogant group, cult like in their unscientific devotion to ‘native’ plants, (which they can not define,) and willing to destroy healthy trees, spread cancerogenic herbicides, and restrict human access to park areas. They are totally out of step with nature and common sense.

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