Support for “No on Prop B” (2016)

sack of goldAs we near the elections, more and more organizations are opposing Proposition B (including San Francisco Forest Alliance – mainly because it’s a 30-year $4.65 billion set-aside with very little accountability).  We are asking supporters of the No on B campaign to write to the San Francisco Examiner, requesting them to oppose Prop B. (Information below.)

Here’s a current list of those (besides the SF Forest Alliance) supporting “No on Prop B.”

*  mclaren park sign 2015Sierra Club, SF Bay Chapter
*  League of Women Voters, SF
*  CSFN – Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods (a coalition of over 40 neighborhood groups)
*  SEIU Local 1021
*  San Francisco Tomorrow
*  San Francisco Tenants Union
*  HANC – Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council
*  D5 Action
*  Tenant Associations Coalition Political Action Committee, TAC PAC
*  Save the Palace of Fine Arts
*  SF Taxpayers Association
*  SF Ocean Edge
*  Golden Gate Park Preservation Alliance

*  Central City Democrats
*  District 3 Democratic Club
*  District 8 Progressive Democratic Club
*  Potrero Hill Democratic Club
*  SF Green Party
*  SF League of Pissed Off Voters
*  SF Libertarian Party
*  SF Republican Party

* SF Bay Guardian
* SF Chronicle
* SF4ALL progressive blog
* Westside Observer: May 2016 – features 3 articles explaining different aspects of NO ON B.

Now we’re asking you to write to the SF Examiner and ask them to join the list. As far as we know, they are still undecided.This is the letter from the No on B campaign:

Hi fellow No on B supporters:

The article in today’s SF Examiner:

My prior information on the SF Examiner board may be wrong — they are no longer interviewing people for Pro and Con, but IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THEY HAVE NOT YET COME TO AN ENDORSEMENT DECISION.

PLEASE WRITE TO THE SF EXAMINER. Do letters to the Editor. Write to Mr. Howerton. Give the reasons for NO on B and ask them to take that position! Include your name, phone number and city of residence.

Michael Howerton


Kathy H.

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