San Francisco RPD Map of Responsibility Areas for Pesticides (and Unrecorded Spraying)

If you’ve every wondered – as we have – which section a particular playground or park falls under, this map will help. This also determines who within San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD) is responsible for pesticide use in that area. The black stars represent the areas under the Natural Areas Program (NAP). As you see, they’re dotted throughout the city.

Click here for the full-size (readable!) PDF map: PSA & OS Map

sfrpd responsibility map


Honeybee in oxalis flower

Honeybee in oxalis flower

In other, somewhat related news: We received the pesticide usage reports for January 2016. The Natural Areas Program was the only section using herbicides in January,  all of it Garlon 4 Ultra against oxalis. SFRPD is convinced that oxalis is a Bad Thing. We’re not. See: Five Reasons it’s okay to love oxalis and stop poisoning it.) Neither are others – here’s an article by a San Francisco mother of two young children: Why this City Spends Millions of Dollars to Eradicate Wildflowers.


But remember this video, showing Garlon spraying on Mount Davidson on January 28th, 2016? (It’s a Natural Area.)

Video of Mt Davidson Garlon 4 Ultra spraying on Jan 28 2016

(If you don’t recall seeing it – it’s only a minute and a half.)

That wasn’t included in the usage report. No mention of Mount Davidson at all. The report only mentioned Garlon use on Bayview Hill, Corona Heights, Twin Peaks, and McLaren’s Geneva meadow.

Which of course leads to the question, what else might be missing from the pesticide usage reports?

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