Vandal Destroys Castro Street Tree

Someone sent us this video yesterday. (It was made on Thursday, Dec 11, 2014.) We cannot understand why anyone would destroy a tree like that.

“At 5:34am yesterday (as the big storm was starting), someone broke off the top of the young tree that was planted on the sidewalk outside 489 Noe St in the Castro. Here is a video (less than 1min long):

[Webmaster: In case that doesn’t come up, here’s the URL:

“I’m sending this to you on the off chance it might help with efforts to find people doing things like this. I checked a few news articles about similar vandalism in parks in the city and saw your organization mentioned. This attack seemed similar to the systematic ones I read about in the parks.”

The sender has filed an online police report. We hope the culprit is caught before more trees are destroyed. We hope this helps.

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1 Response to Vandal Destroys Castro Street Tree

  1. Richard Crooks says:

    This piece of trash should be caught and his hands cut of up to his elbows.

    [Webmaster: It’s possibly a kid, in which case educating the child about the value of trees may work. If an adult, they should be apprehended.]

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