Fighting The NAP Nativist Agenda

Once in a while, we want to affirm the values that San Francisco Forest Alliance stands for. We’re a grass-roots organization of people who love nature and the environment, pay taxes responsibly, and want access to our parks and wild places – with our families.

Citizens care about their city Parks, and want to keep healthy trees and to open access to natural areas. Citizens expect city management to act responsibly and in the public trust, for FAIR allocation of 2008 Clean & Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond funds.

SF Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD) and particularly the Natural Areas Program (NAP), obsessed with Native Plants, is cutting down trees, restricting access, using more toxic herbicides than any other section of SFRPD (excluding Harding Park Golf Course), and using financial resources that could better be used for things our city’s residents really want.


Watch our video on Youtube, (where you can also sign up for the SF Forest Alliance Youtube channel):


What we stand for can be summarized in four key areas: Trees, Access, Toxins, Taxes.


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4 Responses to Fighting The NAP Nativist Agenda

  1. Tony Holiday says:

    Excellent explanation as to what we who care about our environment and parks are trying to point out and prevent. I especially agree about the restrooms. How about doing something *useful* and helpful for our parks for once.

  2. kathleen Hallinan says:

    BRAVO !!! Can this newsletter be send hard copy certified letter to every Board of Supervisor the Mayor and heads of SF City government, incl NAP , Park and Rec, Urban Forests …well done…where do we go from here…..thank you for your work one and all on this clear issue..

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  4. Thanks Kathleen for your support and excellent suggestions!

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