How Children Draw ‘Save the Eucalyptus Trees’

Someone sent us these amazing ‘Save the Eucalyptus’ posters, produced by the children in political artist and printmaker Doug Minkler’s art class. They’re used with permission. [Edited to add the artists’ names.]

(If your kids are drawing pictures of San Francisco’s wild lands or its birds and animals and trees that you’d like displayed, we’d be happy to use them on this site. Please attach them to an email to SFForestNews at and be sure to give permission for us to put them up.)

Save-the-Eucalyptus sm

Save the Eucalyptus by Desiree Minkler

the-morning-before-the-loggers-came sm

The Morning Before the Loggers Came – Desiree Minkler


Whoos For Us? – Tacy Prins Woodlief

no-more-homeless-owls sm

No More Homeless Owls – Blake Bogert


Poisoned Water – Ayumi Beeler

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3 Responses to How Children Draw ‘Save the Eucalyptus Trees’

  1. Tony Holiday says:

    VERY nice! It’s good to see someone’s trying to teach kids the value of trees and other things of nature.

  2. yipps says:

    Thank you Tacy, Desirée, Ayumi, and Blake! This artwork is fantastic! We need more people like you supporting our trees and telling others how valuable these trees are for ourselves and our wildlife and the planet! Kudos to you all!

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