Audio Talk (YouTube) Against the Needless Destruction of Urban Forests

You are invited to hear comments by Ariane Eroy, a supporter of Sutro Forest, trees, and the environment, on KPFA radio (broadcast date: 1/2/2014).

Ariane speaks in support of the effort to save the Sutro Forest and challenges East Bay residents to get UC Berkeley to scale back its destructive project tree-removal in East Bay hills, part of a huge program that threatens half a million trees.  This 2 minute, 30 second audio broadcast includes pictures of the Mt Sutro forest.


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1 Response to Audio Talk (YouTube) Against the Needless Destruction of Urban Forests

  1. Tony Holiday says:

    Horrible destruction from people who should know better. Wish we could sue them for vandalism. What has happened to San Francisco? They could use that money to build a “real” restroom in Twin Peaks Park, for instance, like other parks have, instead of destroying healthy trees. This is criminal and Wreck-the-Parks should be immediately defunded. Get Willie Brown back as our mayor… ! This bugs me so much since I’ve loved this park for many years and it is so beautifully unique, same as with Mount Sutro. Why can’t we get some *real* environmentalists to work FOR our parks for once, instead of trying to pave them over and cut down healthy trees that are so necessary these days. Here we are with a dangerous drought in sight and they’re trying to make things even drier. Again, this is vandalism and they should be sued and defunded.

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