Glen Canyon Park: Nine Months after Tree Destruction

Video update to the Glen Canyon Park tree demolition project

San Francisco’s Wreck and Park Department is now calling this “The Glen Canyon Playground and Tennis Court Project“.  This is only a continuation of the mis-information that have been provided as the Glen Canyon Park Improvement Plan (note: they are spending $5,800,000 of the 2008 Park Bond Fund for Glen Canyon “renovations”).

You will be seeing in this new video a bit more than just preparations for a new playground and 2 new tennis courts. The damage to Glen Canyon Park by the city is significant; we thought the project was the “removal and pruning of select trees”, but it is much more than that. And the wonderful children’s climbing tree is now gone; it once stood behind the Rec Center.

Here is a reminder [Beginning of Glen Canyon Park tree destruction] of what was once there. On January 10, 2013 we reported on the start of this demolition project by the city. The grand eucalyptus trees at the Elk Rd entrance, over a century old, were quickly destroyed. Hundreds of other trees in the canyon, the ones the children love and climb in, the ones the birds nest in and bats hide in, the ones that feed the and protect the wildlife of this canyon – all will be gone by the time this project is completed next year.

all the trees in this picture will be gone in a few days

All these trees are gone

Tree 22 with kids

There’s bare ground where this wonderful climbing tree stood

Before tree removal

Before tree removal and so different now


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4 Responses to Glen Canyon Park: Nine Months after Tree Destruction

  1. Tony Holiday says:

    Stop these misguided fools from destroying our parks and wildlife habitats. We need to boot them out and stop them from wasting taxpayers’ money on so-called “projects” that are doing far more harm than good.

  2. milliontrees says:

    Thanks for this update. What a pointless waste of money and natural habitat.

  3. LJ Speakup says:

    Too bad there was no one to vote against earlier this month…wait for next fall…

  4. Tony Holiday says:

    I just got back from a hike there. Shocking loss of trees. Especially the horrible, depressing bareness and ugliness on the lower (south) end. Also noticed plenty of tree-limb chopping on the lower trails, and one nice tree off the main trail where there are a few steps leading up to a trail. Wreck-the-Parks has certainly messed up this beautifully unique wildspace in a big way so far and they’re nowhere near done with their destruction. What’re they also doing up where Diamond Blvd. starts, at the guardrail?

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