Beautiful Mature Trees Being Felled in Golden Gate Park

Well before the Environmental Impact Report on the Significant Natural Areas Management Plan (SNRAMP, sin-ramp) has been certified, SF Recreation and Parks Department is felling beautiful, mature trees – because they’re non-native. It’s too late to save these trees… but we will not forget them. [Edited to Add: These trees are were in the Oak Woodlands area of the Golden Gate Park. They’re adjacent to a Natural Area, though we can’t tell if they’re actually inside it. ]

golden gate park tree felling

Awaiting the chainsaw

GGP Tree felling

These tall and lovely trees will soon be gone

GGP Tree felling

An avenue of beautiful and doomed trees


Did you notice it’s called the Intimidator?

Butchering this tree

Butchering this tree

golden gate park trees

It was alive and tall yesterday

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2 Responses to Beautiful Mature Trees Being Felled in Golden Gate Park

  1. Tony Holiday says:

    Not this park too! Don’t these people have anything better to do with their time and taxpayers’ money? Can’t they concentrate on something other than destruction?

  2. We should seek a court order to stop this tree removal. Knowing that there is resistance to this destruction only emboldens those wishing the get the trees down before they can be stopped.

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