SF RPD Pesticides Report, 1st Half 2013

In April 2013, we posted about the herbicide use of the Natural Areas Program (NAP) vs the rest of San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD). That’s HERE.  This graph is based on the data for half the year, 2013.

SFRPD Pesticides 1H 2013

Though other SF RPD areas have used more herbicides in the second quarter, NAP’s use still far exceeds the total of the rest of the Parks together. (This excludes Harding Golf Course, which is a special case since it has to be kept tournament-ready, but includes all other city golf courses – and Sharp Park, which uses no pesticides at all. It also excludes pesticides used to control insects and animals, for instance “Wasp Freeze.”)

And what’s worse – NAP is the main user by far of the most toxic Tier I pesticide: Garlon. That’s the orange bar in this graph. The rest of SFRPD did use some, but it was so little that it doesn’t even show up on this graph.

Spraying pesticides in Glen Canyon March 2013

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2 Responses to SF RPD Pesticides Report, 1st Half 2013

  1. We really don’t want this kind of unnecessary spreading of poisons in our community.
    The real question is WHY is UCSF so hellbent on doing this?
    Something to do with money?

    [SFForest: Actually, this is all herbicide use by NAP and SFRPD. Though we’re concerned about UCSF’s tree-cutting plan, they have not used pesticides in Sutro Forest since 2008, and still are not doing so now – though they may in the future if their “Management Plan” is implemented.]

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