Glen Canyon Park: Six Months after Tree Destruction

Note: This article is re-published from SFGlenCanyon.Net

It’s been over six months since the trees were felled between Elk Rd and the Glen Canyon Rec Center.  Here’s what it looks like now.


The destruction part took no time at all: An avenue of majestic century-old trees, a hillside habitat for birds and animals – including insect-eating bats –  a wild bee-colony,  Those were all gone in days.

The construction part is harder.

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2 Responses to Glen Canyon Park: Six Months after Tree Destruction

  1. Tony Holiday says:

    All that time and expense for THIS? So depressing. Defund them – they are doing far more harm than good. They have no common sense whatsoever and should not be working or planning for parks since they are destroying wildlife habitat, bees, and our beautiful trees, and just making everything ugly. What goes on in the minds of people like this? They are certainly *not* “environmentalists.” Definitely a huge waste. Bad management that does no good. Let’s squash ’em and get people in who actually care about nature for once.

  2. milliontrees says:

    Thank you for the update. Dreary scene, appropriately accompanied by Philip Glass music. Please continue to make a record of this project as it moves forward. I have been staying away from it because it’s so painful to see, so I appreciate that you are making this record, which I can watch from a safe distance.

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