Coyote Pups, Our Pets, and Us – Getting Along

As frequent visitors to our urban wildlands and parks probably know already, coyotes are part of our city’s wildlife. They travel over considerable distances alone or in family groups, so you could actually see them anywhere (though wildlands where they can hunt gophers are probably the best bet).  And – this is coyote pupping season. Pups have already been seen in Golden Gate Park and elsewhere.

Coyote pups.  Janet Kessler

Coyote pups. Janet Kessler


It might be helpful to know as much as possible about what behavior to expect from them, especially in relation to ourselves and pets. For a one-stop informational video presentation — the most up-to-date there is — please view CoyoteCoexistence.Com‘s new video,  Coyotes As Neighbors: Focus On Facts.  Here’s the video:

If you have specific questions or issues, you may contact them at coyotecoexistence at for one-on-one assistance.

coyote pups 1

Coyote Pups Alert. Janet Kessler

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2 Responses to Coyote Pups, Our Pets, and Us – Getting Along

  1. Tony Holiday says:

    Beautiful! Has anyone ever seen one in Sutro Forest? If not, wonder why… The one I saw recently in the Canyon was older than these little guys.

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