Fog for Mt Davidson

The day started out bright and hot, and the fog waited around the northern and western edges of the city. Then, late evening, it started to roll in. Mount Davidson got first dibs.

fog atop Mount Davidson

The cloud covered the tops of the tall eucalyptus trees, and they’d have been harvesting its moisture. This is how the forest stays damp, lush and green through the summer months, when the grasses turn brown. (Not the reed grass on the under the eucalyptus, though. That’s a forest species, and benefits from the moisture and shade.)

Inside the forest where it’s not opened up, Mt Davidson doesn’t dry out. But if the plans to fell 1600 trees goes through, there will be large dry areas in summer.

It’s those areas, not the forest, that would be fire hazards.

Mt D and the fog

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1 Response to Fog for Mt Davidson

  1. Tony Holiday says:

    As always, thanks for all the ongoing efforts to save this beautiful forest, and to wake up those out there who’ve been so brainwashed by the native plant enthusiasts that they can’t seem to think for themselves.

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