Summer Walk on Mt Davidson

A group of 17 neighbors gathered for a summer walk on Mount Davidson …  in typical summer weather: super foggy. The group walked through the beautiful woods, shrouded in mist.

Mt D 6-17-2013

The paused on the road at the turn where 82% of the trees are planned to be clear-cut. It’s one of the loveliest areas of the forest.

Mt D 2 6-17-2013

One observer had never been there and was amazed at the wonder of the forest. No one could understand why 1600 trees should be cut down and the others more made vulnerable to wind-throw.  Instead SF Recreation & Parks Department  has plans for tree-felling, habitat destruction, and a vastly increased use of toxic pesticides under the “Natural Areas Program.”

Mt D 3 6-17-2013

Even the (native) Pacific Reed Grass growing there – that’s a native plant – is a forest species, and thrives in the shade and moisture of the eucalyptus. Nature is opportunistic, and native and exotic species are part of a web of life that’s adapted to the conditions of this site. Non-native plants have added bio-diversity; according to Peter Kareiva, chief scientist at the Nature Conservancy, California now has 25% more plant species than it had before.

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1 Response to Summer Walk on Mt Davidson

  1. Tony Holiday says:

    These walks are an excellent idea, especially now that our forests are threatened so much. This way more neighbors and other concerned citizens can be informed and fight these people to save Mount Davidson, Mount Sutro and other endangered forest areas from their misguided efforts to cut down our trees and slather their poisons all over. More politicians, lawyers, and other potentially influential people should be invited to future informational walks! We gotta stop these vandals – and that’s what they *are* – cutting down trees unnecessarily, for no good reason, and using dangerous herbicides in our parks is vandalism.

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