The UCSF Plan for Mount Sutro Forest – Video

San Francisco’s hidden urban treasure is at risk. The Sutro Forest is the single largest urban forest in San Francisco. Three-quarters (61 acres) of it is owned by UCSF, which officially calls it the Open Space Reserve. The contiguous 19-acre Interior Green Belt area to the east of it is city-owned.

Now, UCSF is planning to remove 90% of the trees and vegetation on 5 acres of forest – around 3,000 trees. Then its considering extending the same idea – removing 90% of trees and 90% of understory habitat, and potentially using large amounts of herbicides glyphosate (Aquamaster/ Roundup) and Garlon (triclopyr) to prevent it from coming back.

This video summarizes the risk to Mount Sutro Cloud Forest from UCSF’s “Management Plan” – in just 8 minutes. Please watch it, and if you like it, pass it on!

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