Photo of San Francisco’s Wild Turkey on Mount Davidson – by Tim Cashman

wild turkey in SF - edited from photograph by Tim Cashman

Wild Turkey on Mount Davidson in San Francisco – edited from photo by Tim Cashman

Tim Cashman got photographs of San Francisco’s wild turkey, the same one Jacquie and Ron Proctor saw on March 30th 2013.  Here’s his account and the photographs (printed with permission):

Wild turkey San Francisco - photo by Tim Cashman

Wild turkey San Francisco – photo by Tim Cashman

“I was working at my computer when something large and black flew across the large picture window we have that looks directly west. Nothing unusual here as large crows fly by often. A moment later came a commotion on our rooftop, two stories above, that sounded like two animals in the midst of a fierce fight. When I stood up to go upstairs and see what was going on, a large bird like creature flew off the roof, beating its wings ferociously. I at first thought it was a hawk, but a hawk is graceful and this was not. It alighted in my neighbor’s tree and sat very still. It was only when it finally turned in silhouette that I could see it was a wild turkey. It was still in the same spot about a half hour later when I left. I’m familiar with wild turkeys as I play golf frequently at a course in Marin County that is loaded with them. ”

Wild turkey San Francisco by Tim Cashman

Another view of the San Francisco Wild turkey by Tim Cashman

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4 Responses to Photo of San Francisco’s Wild Turkey on Mount Davidson – by Tim Cashman

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  2. Tony Holiday says:

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing. The Oakland Hills apparently have ’em too. Glad we’ve got them now and hope they stay…

  3. Jacquie says:

    Tim, thanks for sharing your photo of our Mt. Davidson visitor!
    Jacquie Proctor

  4. Patrick says:

    Unfortunately turkeys are not native to California but were introduced by hunters. Turkeys cause a lot of disruption in the local ecosystems such as feeding on acorns and contributing to a severe decline in oak regeneration. Interesting birds, though.

    [Webmaster: Yes, there’s a theory that they are moving into an ecological spot left by a California turkey that went extinct. There aren’t many acorns in San Francisco for this turkey. Wonder what it’ll eat instead.]

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