Wild Turkey On Mount Davidson

Wild turkey in Marin

For you wildlife watchers, I just saw a wild turkey cross the north trail on Mt. D today,” wrote Jacqueline Proctor.  “He flew off toward Glen Canyon when we tried to get a better look and picture. I have never seen one up there before or heard of them being in SF for that matter.”

Neither had the birders on the Yahoo Birds list. They wanted to know more. Jacquie confirmed the sighting: March 30th, around 1 p.m.  But there were no pictures. (The picture here is of a wild turkey in Marin county, not the bird that Jacquie saw.)

Then, the Westside Observer carried a grayscale photograph of  the Mount D turkey, submitted by Kay Curry [bottom of page 8]. And someone else said a lone male turkey had been seen hanging out on Potrero Hill.

If anyone sends us photographs of San Francisco’s wild turkeys, we’d be happy to publish them here. [We did. Thanks, Tim Cashman!]

Meanwhile, it looks like there’s a new addition to San Francisco’s wildlife.

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1 Response to Wild Turkey On Mount Davidson

  1. Madeline Hovland says:

    About 2 years ago sightings of wild turkey were rare in the Oakland hills (where I live). But now one sees them often, not only in the hills of Claremont canyon and Claremont Avenue but in the so-called “flats” of Domingo, College Avenue, and even in Rockridge. They are comical looking birds; often one sees them walking in pairs, close together, as if they are strolling along enjoying being together, chatting and gobbling away. I have seen as many as 6-8 wild turkeys crossing roads.

    I don’t know if you are familiar with Kay Loughman’s wildlife gallery. This is the link: http://www.nhwildlife.net/

    When the first screen comes up, click on birds. There are some photos of turkeys close to the end of that collection.

    Lynn Hovland

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