Bushtit and Quality Control

We are delighted to post this series of pictures by prize-winning wildlife photographer Janet Kessler. They were taken a few days ago in Glen Canyon, where nesting season is in full swing.

“I found the tiny little Bushtit — 3.5 inches from tip of the beak to tip of the tail — searching for, finding, and testing building materials for its nest,” she writes. “The materials did not pass muster and were abandoned. Birds have very high standards.”

0324 bushtit 1

Stringy lichen? Anyway, nesting stuff – maybe

0324 (6) bushtit 2

Gotta run a quality check

0324 (3) bushit 3

Pulling the ball apart

0324 (4) bushtit 4

Hmmm. Maybe it’ll do.

0324 (2) bushtit 5

Get some more

0324 (5) bushtit 6

Still testing -dubious

0324 (7) bushtit 7

Abandoned stuff

0324 (1) bushtit 7

Nah. I don’t think so.

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4 Responses to Bushtit and Quality Control

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  2. Dee Seligman says:

    Nature is wonderful!

  3. Jane Shepard says:

    Fabulous photos!!! Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve seen 2 nests in MA completely lined with something very similar …. The prettiest nests we’ve ever seen…. made with fur from a big white Great Pyrenees! We have lots of tufts like this stuck on the little fence in our back yard from our big guy just walking by.

    I’ just forwarded this to an elderly shut-in friend who used to walk her Samoyed @ Fort Funston….and just made her whole week! Thanks again!!!


    Sent from my iPad

  4. You’re welcome! We’ve heard that dog fur combings are popular as a nesting material for small birds – if anyone has photographic evidence, we’d love to have it.

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