Alma Hecht, Certified Arborist: Saving the Trees

This is a 5-minute talk from Alma Hecht, Certified Arborist. She gave it at an SF Forest Alliance meeting in Glen Canyon Park before the Elk Street entrance trees were cut down. The trees are gone; the talk still matters. More trees are threatened in every park and wild land across the city.

One Response to Alma Hecht, Certified Arborist: Saving the Trees

  1. dolaneargle says:

    A present, I am concerned with Sutro Forest devastation proposed by the treenatics.

    I have a Hansel & Gretel proposition. On one given day and hour, all Forest lovers will gather at the UCSF upper entrance on Clarendon St. (or other convienient place) We will be given (or bring) small pots of orange paint and a small paintbrush–thence fan out and proceed to tag ALL the Sutro Forest trees in the same manner that the”selectionists” have done.
    If this cannot be done as a group, then what’s to prevent coordinated individual action? hmmmm?