Glen Canyon Park Loses Another Bee Tree

Back in October of 2011, SF RPD destroyed a bee tree in Glen Canyon Park.  Now the second one’s gone too, presumably the victim of another mistake.


The first bee hive was mistakenly killed when a park employee mistook the nest – which was registered with the feral bee project – for a hornet’s nest. It was destroyed and sealed before a proper identification was made. SF RPD apologized. That story is HERE.

A lone bee returns to a devastated nest

So what happened this time?


One of the trees scheduled for felling was one of the remaining bee trees, on the slope above Alms Rd. SF RPD agreed to preserve the nest by leaving a 20-foot stump. Instead, it was chopped off at 5 feet, opening up the cavity in which the bees nested.

They’re gone.

[That story, with more pictures including a close-up of the exposed hive, is HERE.]

The former bee tree

6 Responses to Glen Canyon Park Loses Another Bee Tree

  1. Naturally, they Bee Gone.
    Glen Parkers are stung again.

  2. LJ Speakup says:

    I for one will never vote again for mayors or supervisors who will not stand up to park & rec. it’s now my litmus test issue.

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