SFForest Volunteers and Trash Clean-up

One of the ongoing problems of the Natural Areas that we wish the SF RPD would address is trash-dumping.  Meanwhile, SFForest volunteers are trying to help.


trash from Glen Canyon Jan 2013In Glen Canyon below O’Shaughnessy, where it is intersected by Del Vale, there’s trash that’s been littering the slope for over five years. Our volunteers decided to do something about it, even to the extent of getting into poison oak. Here’s one report:

“We spent two hours climbing up the steep slope like a mountain goat, and picked up, among other things, about 8 huge squares of styrofoam, huge pieces of cardboard and plywood, 35 bottles — some very large and some broken, a toaster, 7 hubcaps, garden hoses, pipes, a floor lamp, an oven door, decomposed magazines, old clothing, crumpled up newspapers, plastic bags, paint buckets, plastic cups and containers, etc. ”

tire 2 glen canyon“The picture of the day’s haul doesn’t look big, but it is. I called 311 to have the city haul it away. Now, you can look over there, and it doesn’t look like a dump.”

The slope is certainly looking much better – green and clear, not littered with visible garbage. Still, the job’s not finished, the volunteer continues:

“But there is more to take out — feel free to go over there if you want — every 10 minutes will help. And there is stuff for larger guys to remove: old tires, a car hood, a grocery cart.”

rusted shopping cart
Earlier, our volunteers have participated in – or undertaken – trash removal at other parks like McLaren, Lake Merced, and Mt Davidson. We hope to make this a regular activity for SFForest volunteers.

Meanwhile, we routinely pick up and dispose of trash we encounter as we use the parks. We invite our supporters to do that, too.

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4 Responses to SFForest Volunteers and Trash Clean-up

  1. Dee Seligman says:

    Nothing speaks more highly about caring for parks than these actions.

  2. James Walsh says:

    This is at where I’ve planted nasturtiums. I haven’t been down there in a couple of weeks.



  3. James Walsh says:

    Much of that trash is generated from the homeless encampment at the base of the tree just uphill there. Like the gallon wine bottles, for instance.

  4. harry says:

    so, you’re saying that the City is spending money on taking down healthy trees but not cleaning up dumped garbage? that sounds like very poor management.

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