Because of the rain: Mushrooms!

Nature photographer Janet Kessler’s turning her camera to Nature’s pop-up stores – mushrooms. They’re in San Francisco woods and Natural Areas. (We don’t recommend eating them unless you know your fungi a whole lot better than we do. ‘Shrooming with a camera is a safe option.) These were taken during the second week of December after and during some heavy rains in the area.

Names and descriptions — identified from the photos only — can be found on Urbanwildness.Com. We were told to add this LOUD caveat: Mushroom I’D from photos only is ill advised. Pun intended. Ya know they say EVERY mushroom is edible . . . at least once! Enjoy!

[Edited: to add more mushrooms!]

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  1. kathleen hallinan says:

    exquisite….to say the least….

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