Glen Canyon Park: An Appeal to the Supervisors

Noting that the appeal to the Board of Appeals was rejected on November 14th, 2012, environmental group ForestForestForever has submitted an appeal to the Board of Supervisors. “The Board President, Chris Hwang, expressed serious concerns about this ‘flawed public process,’ and added that she felt that because the Board of Supervisors had exclusive jurisdiction over environmental review issues, it had ‘hamstrung’ the Board of Appeal’s ability to choose a different course.”

They are asking the Board of Supervisors for an environmental review to bring the project into compliance with California environmental protection regulations.

(For more details, go to the article at SFGlenCanyon.Net: Another Appeal Submitted)

When SF Rec and Park Department applied for a permit, they stated that none of the project would be in the Natural Areas of Glen Canyon Park. In actual fact, a substantial part of the area bid out under contract is in the Natural Areas. (See our earlier post, Under the Radar, and the map below: the pink boundary is the southern end of the Natural Areas, and the blue outline is the area of the project.) An Environmental Impact Review would require SFRPD to consider the total cumulative impact of all the planned work in the Canyon.

sm Diagram of Natural Areas Contract Area oct 29 2012

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