Rainbow Bark on Rain-Washed Eucalyptus

If you needed an excuse to walk in Glen Canyon on a rainy day, here’s one – the rainbow bark on a rain-washed eucalyptus tree. These two photographs, courtesy of photographer Janet Kessler,  have not been enhanced.

eucalyptus in the rain -1

And here’s more detail…

eucalyptus in the rain -2

It’s a beautiful time in the Canyon among its wonderful trees. Let’s hope this isn’t one slated for destruction in one of the many projects that will fell trees in the Canyon.

4 Responses to Rainbow Bark on Rain-Washed Eucalyptus

  1. Wonderful photos! I will be on the lookout for examples of colorful euc trunks on this side of the Bay.

  2. l. carpenter says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks for posting. Walking through a eucalyptus forest is better than a day at a spa.

  3. dolan eargle says:

    Thank you Janet. If only we could get these to the stone-faced committee in City Hall. -dolan eargle


  4. Gene Geisler, Ph.D. says:

    Thanks for the photos, but neither me nor my dogs need an excuse for roaming Glen Canyon and the rocks.

    It is a matter of necessity for mind, body and spirit – especially that of the dogs..

    Very few of us actually walk dogs in the rain. I wonder what the house broken dogs do on rainy days.