Red Shouldered Hawk in a Natural Area

Hawks need tall trees for roosting, watching, and nesting. This one is watching from a non-native cypress tree. (Photo credit: Janet Kessler)

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1 Response to Red Shouldered Hawk in a Natural Area

  1. Vera Lee says:

    A pair of red tailed hawks lived in the tall trees on Mt Davidson for at least the 27 years we have lived across the street from that wild park. I think the former pair finally died bcause a slightly different looking pair of red tails is living there now. And hawks are not the only wild life that find a home in the forest. If Mt Davidson becomes a sand dune with only low foliage all this wildlife will be have to find new homes!! The trees and the wildlife are wonderful and special to me and are the reason we bought our house. San Francisco is a beautiful city BECAUSE of its trees. They are a living part of our environment that should not be disturbed.

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