Street Protest for Glen Canyon’s Trees

As a follow up the successful Oct 6th meeting, we are having a good old-fashioned street protest. It’s on Thursday October 11th at 5 p.m. at the corner of Elk and Bosworth. To get the details, go HERE.

[Edited to Add: Thanks to everyone who joined this protest. We had double the number of participants we anticipated. The report is HERE.]

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3 Responses to Street Protest for Glen Canyon’s Trees

  1. Kathy Hallinan says:

    Thank you for your work – good idea – make a showing – show numbers – will be trying to attend with a few other friends

  2. Webmaster: Thanks, Kathy! Hope to see you there.

  3. Tony Holiday says:

    I have reposted the email I got from you guys on Facebook, added more of my own comments (I am FURIOUS), and emailed each of the politicians, etc. mentioned in the email. This stupidity and lack of common sense is SO beyond understanding. Again, people, refuse to vote for anyone who is in favor of destroying hundreds of healthy trees in our canyon and all of our parks, and all the other atrocities they plan.

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