SFForest Volunteer Crew Clears Rubble & Loose Rocks from Path in Glen Canyon

We love our rocky trails in Glen Canyon Park. However, loose rocks and rubble on steep slopes are dangerous — it’s as if you are stepping on marbles. The NAP program is busy removing our lush vegetation and wildlife habitat in the open areas of the park — what about work on the trails we use? These have been totally neglected in some cases.

So the SFForest volunteer work crew removed rubble and loose rocks from the steeper paths — all by hand. No rocks that were firmly embedded were removed. Look at the difference!  Now you can walk or run without twisting your ankle or “rolling on marbles”  as you walk the trail. Happy hiking from SFForest!

The volunteer crew also, several months ago, clipped the growth that prevented use of the “radish hill” trail: we do minimal clipping and only when the growth impedes forward progress on a trail or might trip an unsuspecting runner. Although SFForest is primarily concerned with informing the public about what is going on in our parks, and taking steps to fight NAP’s harmful policies, we also contribute by talking one-on-one with park visitors about the wildlife and its habitat, and we have performed small but important work as described here to improve the parks for all.



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  1. LJ Speakup says:

    Thx! Much appreciated

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